Greg Blair

Dad, husband, novelist, screenwriter

Average Joe by Greg Blair - Cover Photo

Average Joe is out now!

When an average guy becomes the most powerful man in the world…

… is there still time for bowling?

So you know Average Joe…

… who is Greg Blair?

Greg Blair is a novelist and screenwriter who has written for television, cable, and film. He is particularly fond of having been a part of the quasi-legendary animation series, Biker Mice From Mars, which taught him that one could make a living writing and being funny at the same time. Average Joe is his first novel. Having left Hollywood for New Hampshire, he swears the “New Hampshire First” primary, where presidential candidates frantically crisscross the state like crazed pinballs, had no influence on Writing Average Joe. Well, maybe a little. He is currently working on his second novel.

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Does anybody have a foolproof recipe for cooking rice? I either cook it too long or at too low a temperature, or variations of that theme. Would love to actually cook rice so that it comes out perfect just once. Any suggestions?

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